The Future of Value Investing & The End of Behavioural Finance

The following two PDF files are great reads. The first from the Journal of Investing Winter 2000 is an article titled the “The Future of Value Investing” by Laurence B. Siegel and John G. Alexander. The article talks about timing, value versus growth, discounted cash flows, operating leverage, cyclical earnings, catalysts etc.

The second PDF is from Richard H. Thaler who is also the author of “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness.” The title of the article is “The End of Behavioural Finance” and outlines the paradoxes of corporate behaviour regarding dividend policy, EMT, predictability, what we think we have learned and the future of forecasting.

Behaviorual Finance- Thaler

Enjoy both as there is some timeless knowledge in both. I would also recommend picking up a copy of Thaler’s book (at a library or PDF format for free) as I remember it being worth the couple hours it took to read.




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