Tivo Conference Call Q2 2014 (Netflix Comments)

Richard Tullo

from Albert Fried

Fair enough, and just kind of one philosophical question. I cover Netflix okay. The stock is probably generating a fifth of the EBITDA you guys are generating or will generate. Your revenue is growing faster. 

I think management is doing a lot of the right things to create shareholder value here. What do you think needs to be done to transfer the shareholder value creation that’s been so manifest and the improvement in the balance sheet to the actual share price? 

Answer from Tom Rogers: 

Well, I can tell you, we’re not going to get into the production of original programming. I think that we obviously are disappointed that the share price does not the better reflect our operating business. We’re certainly very much hopping that being able to answer a question that, since that I’ve been at the company has been asked over and over again. So when does TiVo get to sustain profitability? Now that we can answer it and answer it in a way that I think provides a great roadmap in terms of the progress the company has made. 

We’re hoping that the operating business will get valued in a way that we think is more fairly reflective of the progress we’ve made. And certainly the sub-performance year-over-year growing almost by a 1 million subs. The ability to continue to show the innovation that we’re capable of which the reception of the Roamio product I think showed in a huge way, the fact that were launching between the second quarter and the third quarter I think six new operators who are launching with us and with that additional self deployments behind them we got a lot of that were showing now in terms of the operating performance of this company and I think over time that will be better understood and then reflected in the stock price. 


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