25+ Year Dividend Champions at under 15x P/E

Using the parameters from this post, I was able to find 15 companies that have paid a 25+ year consecutive dividend and are priced at under 15x earnings. All companies also meet annual sales requirements.

  • ITW: Illinois Tool Works Inc with 3.1 B/V & 13.1 P/E classifies as too high a price (40.61 vs 22.5) but on a side note has a compelling ROE in relation to P/E and a 3:1 current ratio
  • PH: Parker Hannifin Corporation with 2.7 P/B & 15.2 P/E indicates still too high a price.
  • CINF: Cincinnati Financial Corporation with 15.5 P/E and 1.3 P/B would make the cut of 22.5 ( although B/V above 5-year average of 1) and no current ratio available.
  • CB: Chubb Corp has a p/e ratio of 13.7 and P/B of 1.4 slightly making the cut but with no current ratio available.
  • WMT: Walmart is priced at 3.5x P/B and 14.8 indicating it would not meet our required thresholds.
  • XOM: Exxon Mobile Corporation would just slip in with 9.2x p/e and 2.4 B/V = 22.08 but unfortunately would be cut due to the 1:1 current ratio although net current assets could easily service long-term debt. A personal hunch on first glance, liquidity may not be an issue.
  • AFL: Aflac Inc makes the cut with room to spare with 1.7 P/B and a price to earnings ratio of 9.1 but no current ratio is available.

Now try it on your own and see how many companies you can find that meet the requirements proposed HERE by Benjamin Graham.

More Dividend Champions under 15 times P/E worth analysis —-> CBSH UVV ABBV UBSI WGL CTBI WEYS NC


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