You’re Already a Lottery Winner

It is easy to get stressed out, bummed or overwhelmed by the day to day problems, or the ever growing list of things to do, thrown at you on a routine basis. Next time you’re faced with sadness, anger, or envy remember you have already won and that it can be as simple as changing the perception or attitude in which you approach these situations that ultimately delivers the outcome.

“Perception is reality.” Lee Atwater

It is easy to blame the government, capitalism, past actions, other people or any other conceivable reason that fits your needs. While the fact of the matter is, you have already won the global ovarian lottery the day you were born in North America.  It is fairly simple to understand around the time of my birth at the beginning of the 90s global population was roughly 5.3 billion. Meanwhile American & Canadian population was 248.7M and 27.5M respectively or 276.2 million total. Now if we simply divide Canadian and American population sums by global population at the time of birth we get the following:

276 200 000 / 5 300 000 000 = 0.0521132
0.0521132 x 100 = 5.21132% chance of being born in Canada or United States

Next time you hear about the 1% and growing inequality within your country remind yourself you are already part of the top 25% globally and true inequality needs to be addressed all over the world. Food, water and shelter are unfortunately unavailable to a majority of humans that do not have the financial capabilities or a job to pay for these basic necessities to survive.

How about being remembered as the generation that changed that?


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